From beet to sugar - crystallization @ Raffinerie TirlemontoiseThe evaporation of the syrup continues in the cooking equipment under vaccuum. This causes saturation and thus, the creation of sugar crystals.


After this treatment, we obtain a semisolid mixture of syrup and crystals, the massecuite. This goes into centrifuges that separate the syrup from the sugar crystals. This is how ‘sugar from the first strike’ is created.


The syrup is captured and cooked and centrifuged for a second and third time, which creates ‘sugar from the second and third strike’. The rest of the syrup, the molasses, are used for the preparation of alcohol, forage, yeast or citric.


Crystallization @ Raffinerie TirlemontoiseThe sugars of the second and third strike, are melted again and mixed with the syrup from the evaporation procedure. Then restarts the treatment to obtain ‘sugar from the first strike’. After drying, this ‘sugar from the first strike’, is commercialized as ‘crystal sugar’. ‘Refined sugars’ of excellent quality are also sold. This is obtained by rising the amount of strikes and the decolorization of the intermediate products. The less colored and more pure juice, is used for the fabrication of specialties like the sugar cubes and caster sugar.


From beet to sugar - packaging and stocking