From beet to sugar - diffuison @ Raffinerie TirlemontoiseWhen the beet slices are submerged into the warm water, the sugar diffuses into the cells of the beet flesh in the water. To ensure this extraction process is as efficient as possible, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has developed a powerful T.S. Continu Diffusor.


Practically all of the sugar factories in the world have taken over this invention.


TS Continu Diffusor - beet slicesThe Diffusor is made of big cylinder-shaped drums which are divided into compartments. In these drums the slices are driven forward by the heavy current. The water that has taken on more sugar, the so called extraction fluid, is captured at the end of the drum. Now its important to purify the extraction fluid and to separate it from the water…


At the other end of the diffusor the beet slices are pressed to extract the surplus water. This pulp will serve as forage.


From beet to sugar - Liming, carbonatation and filtration