Harvesting the beets

Delivering sugar beets at Raffinerie TirlemontoiseThe beets are topped and harvested mechanically. The leaves and beet tops are used as forage, the roots are loaded on to tractors and are transported to the sugar factory.


There the beets are weighed and we take a sample out of every cargo to determine the sugar content. At the same time we also weigh the tare, or the weight of the ground still attached at the beets.


From beet to sugar - washing @ Raffinerie TirlemontoiseVia a special conveyor-belt, the ground is shaken of the beets and they are transported to the warehouses. A powerful water beam gets them out of the silo and pushes them to an enormous washing station where they are washed under high pressure.


From beet to sugar - slicing @ Raffinerie TirlemontoiseThen the beets are rasped into small pieces, beet slices. Now, the real sugar extraction can start.



From beet to sugar - Diffusion