The fight against littering? Count us in!

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise takes action against litteringBy 2022, the Flemish and Walloon Ministers for the Environment aim to reduce the amount of litter in strategic locations by 65% (motorway car parks, public transport stops and waste collection sites). One of the top priorities at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise is a clean environment with a view to a sustainable future. As such, we aim to contribute to these sustainability strategies together with our staff.


In 2016, the industry representatives (Fevia, Comeos and Fost Plus) and the Flemish and Walloon governments signed an agreement to tackle littering in Flanders and Wallonia. The aim is to make the population aware of the issue and to encourage them to take action. Two umbrella organisations were founded or this purpose, BeWapp in Wallonia and Mooimakers in Flanders.


Raffinerie Tirlemontoise takes action against litteringInitiatives at our sites

For 180 years now, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has strived for a clean and sustainable environment through a range of activities set up in-house.


In Wallonia we took part in ‘Le Grand Nettoyage du Printemps’, which was held from 24 to 26 March. As part of this initiative, our employees cleaned the area surrounding our sugar factory in Wanze and our rasping station in Longchamps



Raffinerie Tirlemontoise takes action against litteringThe result? In Wanze, we cleaned approximately 5 km of the Ravel network, filling thirty 100-l bin bags and fifteen mixed-waste recycling bags. In Longchamps, we picked up all the litter around our site, filling ten 100-l bin bags and five mixed-waste recycling bags. This proves that awareness-raising campaigns for littering are still very much needed.



Raffinerie Tirlemontoise takes action against litteringDay in, day out

A good spring cleaning is a must, every year! But to keep our environment clean and enjoyable, everyone should do whatever it takes to fight littering day in, day out. At Raffinerie Tirlemontoise we are only too glad to do our share.