Our Fair Trade Products

It's sweet to be fair!

A rich history

Candico, the last remaining vestige of the Antwerp “candiseries” (making “candy”, i.e. large sugar crystals from raw and refined Cane sugar), is fully part of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise since 2010.



For over 30 years now Candico has built long term relations with what were formerly known as the ACP countries (African, Caribbean & Pacific), and are now better known as EPA-countries (those countries with whom the EU has “Economic Partnership Agreements”). This relationship basically means that they have guaranteed solid prices for guaranteed solid volumes. During these 30 years relationships were also built with the FLO, the Fair Trade Labeling Organization, so that when the FLO finally tackled Cane sugar as a product category in the years leading up to 2002, Candico had always been first in the queue and we received quickly the Fairtrade certificate.


On October 1st, 2008, Candico became the first A-Brand & company to be fully certified “Max Havelaar Keurmerk”, launching then moreover the first white Cane sugar Fair Trade product on the “Continent”.


The Fair Trade certification process