Kim Menten, baker in Tirlemont

Kim Menten, baker, uses the sugar of Raffinerie Tirlmontoise

What do you do in your daily life?

I work 6 days a week in our bakery ’t Pistoleeke in Tirlemont. Aside from my intense job as baker, I also have a few hobbies. At least 3 times a week I try to run ± 10 kilometres. I am also a true cyclist and even was, a few years ago, semi-pro. However, when I was around 20, I decided to work more and more in the bakery owned by my parents and had to  leave that part of my life aside. I love music as well. With a good friend of mine, we have formed a « dj duo ». This is a real stress reliever for me!


How long have you been working with the products of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise and in what way ?

Our bakery has  existed since 1987. Since day one we  have been using Raffinerie Tirlemontoise products. You will find the Sugars of Tirlemont applied in many different ways in our products like our Tirlemont sugar bread and many other ‘couques’ and pies.


Which products do you use?

We use the Icing sugar, Pearl sugar P3/5 en P4/5, Glucose, white & chocolate Fondant and the Ultra fine S1 sugar.


The Icing sugar is mostly used to decorate our pastries and pies, such as the Berlin balls or the Smurf pie.


The various Pearl sugars, P3/4 and P4/5, are mostly used to prepare dough. With P3/4 we create our sugar croissants. For our Tirlemont sugar bread, we need a bigger Pearl sugar; P4/5 is the best match as it gives the bread a great structure. We do not only put Pearl sugar in our dough, it is also ideal to add a nice finishing touch to many of our other products.


There is also the Glucose which gives our Fondants a beautiful shine. We use these on our Swiss pastries, éclairs,…


Finally the Ultra fine S1 sugar is part of our coffee cookie  dough, and, in smaller quantities, used in the preparation of our Tirlemont sugar bread.


You see, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has the sugar we need for each of our products, and that’s really handy and helpful for us !


Kim Menten, baker, loves the pearl sugar of Raffinerie TirlemontoiseWhat is your favourite Sugar of Tirlemont?

That is a tough one because we are satisfied with all Raffinerie Tirlemontoise’s products. But, if I really have to pick one, I would go for the Pearl sugar P4/5, thanks to its authentic flavour and its  strong consistency. It is a really fine product that is a delight to work with!