Caster and Icing sugar

Calibrated and Icing sugar

Standard refined sugar with a precise calibration

  • S0 Icing sugar 0,08 - 0,1 mm
  • S1 Ultra fines sugar 0,2 - 0,35 mm
  • S2 Fine sugar 0,35 - 0,55 mm
  • BD Brillant Décor 1,4 - 3,15 mm


High purity sugar with rounded grain structure, matt appearance, highly uniform granule size

  • S0: very white color, snow effect 
  • S1: dissolves rapidly, white crystals 
  • S2: regular granule size, dissolves rapidly


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assortiment bakkerij producten

Baked goods, biscuits and pastries


For further information on solutions for the baking industry, please download one of the pdf's. Leaflet Gingerbread (PDF, 227,83kB )

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