Retail products

Cassonade graeffeOver the years the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has developed a range of sugars for each day-to-day use. Each and every one  meets the very strictest quality requirements. For years, our sugars have held a reputation as top of the range products, both in Belgium and in numerous other European countries. The Raffinerie Tirlemontoise sells two brands on the retail market: Tirlemont Sugar and Candico.


Tirlemont Sugar falls into four separate categories:

  • Sweetener for hot drinks;
  • for the preparation of desserts;
  • for home-made jam;
  • as caster sugar.

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CandicoThe Candico range also consists of four major product groups:

  • Cane sugar ;
  • Organic cane sugar ;
  • Sugar candy ;
  • Sugar with pectin.

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