Tirlemont Sugar

Use products from Raffinerie Tirlemontoise to sweeten, prepare desserts, jam, sprinkle...Since 1836 Raffinerie Tirlemontoise does not only produce products for industrial customers, but also for final consumers. One of our daily objectives is to put on the market specific and quality products that are packaged in a consumer-friendly manner.


Most of our products are Belgian specialties! For instance, have you already a Hard Cube with your coffee when you were travelling to Spain? Pearl sugar, THE key ingredient for our famous Belgian Waffles, is also typically from Belgium. This is something that we are particularly proud of.


All our Raffinerie Tirlemontoise products can be divided in five categories:

  • To sweeten warm drinks (e.g our Hard Cubes).
  • To prepare desserts (our Icing Sugar and Ultra-Fine Sugar are suited for a lot of sweet dishes and preparations).
  • To make homemade jams (our jellifying and Fine Sugars are the ideal partners for the preparation of delicious jams).
  • To sprinkle (what would crêpes be without our famous Graeffe cassonade ?). 

You can find more information on our products and discover many delicious recipes on our consumer website www.tiensesuiker.com. You can also follow our Facebook page to be kept updated on our latest products and sweet recipes!