Compliance Business Values & Principles

I. Compliance Business Values and Principles as basis for action

Südzucker aims to compete successfully through innovation, quality, reliability and fairness. This entails complying with internal rules, as well as statutory regulations. A series of corporate compliance principles serve as a guideline. They highlight key issues that are very important in day- to-day practice. 


II. Principles

Südzucker applies the laws currently in force and expects no less from its employees and business partners. The corporate principles list key items that are particularly important in practice:


  1. Compete fairly

    Südzucker is fully committed to compete fairly, and especially to comply with antitrust laws.

  2. Integrity in business transactions

    Corruption is not tolerated. Gifts and invitations from suppliers must always be in reasonable proportion to the business relationship. Such gratuities require express approval from the respective supervisor. This applies to all employees that are part of any procurement process. The same principles apply in reverse to employees working in the various sales departments, in relation to our customers.

  3. Sustainability principle

    Südzucker is cognizant of its responsibility to protect the environment, as well the health and safety of people inside and outside the company.

  4. Compliance with laws for the food and agricultural industries

    Compliance with all relevant national and international laws - especially laws for the food and agricultural industries - is mandatory.

  5. Ensuring equal opportunity in securities trading

    Every employee is obliged to treat confidentially any internal company information that could impact the company's share price on the stock market.

  6. Proper documentation

    The company's internal control system requires that business processes be adequately documented. Audits must be conducted to ensure that the accounting-related information has been fully and correctly captured.

  7. Proper and transparent financial reporting

    Südzucker commits to providing open and transparent financial reports based on international accounting standards to ensure that all stakeholders are treated equally.

  8. Fair and respectful working conditions

    Every employee is expected to be friendly and to treat colleagues and third parties fairly, professionally and respectfully. Discrimination and harassment of any type is not tolerated.

  9. Protecting our knowledge advantage and respecting third-party protective rights

    Business secrets may not be passed on to third parties or published. The given protective rights of third parties shall be equally respected.

  10. Separation of company and personal interests

    All employees must always keep separate their personal interests and those of the company. Only objective criteria shall be applied when making personnel decisions or conducting business with third parties.

  11. Cooperative conduct with authorities

    Südzucker strives to maintain a cooperative relationship with all governing authorities. Information shall be provided completely, openly, correctly, in a timely manner and in a comprehensible form.

III. Implementation 

  1. The company offers its employees all necessary information sources as well as advisory service in order to avoid violation of laws and regulations.

  2. Any line manager has to organize the respective area in order to safeguard compliance with the Compliance Business Values and Principles, all other internal rules as well as laws.

  3. Compliance Officer and Compliance Managers within their group function safeguard the contemporary information flow. Amongst others, they are responsible for training and investigation of compliance incidents.

  4. All employees are obliged to report violations of the Compliance Business Values and Principles to the Compliance Officer, the Compliance Manager and the board of directors respectively.


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