What does the future hold for the Belgian sugar industry? Our common objective: preservation of the current system.

Mid March 2012, the Confederation of the Belgian Beet-farmers (CBB) issued a position paper regarding the proposal of the European Commission to no longer extend the current sugar policy after 30 September 2015. This document, supported by Raffinerie Tirlemontoise and Agrofront (Boerenbond and FWA), advocates the extension of the current common organisation of the sugar market for several reasons. Indeed, the quota system offers a guarantee for the preservation of the sugar production in Europe and Belgium, and also prevents the European Union (EU) from becoming too dependent on the world market. This system also provides security to the consumer and the sugar consuming industry in terms of the availability of sugar, income security to beet growers and a certain degree of insight to the sugar industry.


With the CBB's position paper, the Belgian sugar industry requests an extension of the current sugar regulations until at least 2020, with a thorough evaluation in 2019. This request is also supported by all European beet growers. This is what the International Confederation of European Beet growers (CIBE) reported.


Since the Treaty of Lisbon a co-decision procedure applies which means the Commission's proposal needs to be submitted to the European Parliament and the European Council before entering into effect. Therefore, the current proposal still needs to go through several consultation rounds. A decision on this matter can be expected in the course of 2013. Together with our partners we will follow this up closely.

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