Mission, vision, values

The principal activity of Raffinerie Tirlemontoise is the production of sugar. But in addition to this we also concentrate our energy on a number of internal and external initiatives – always with our mission, vision and values in mind. You can read all about who we are and what we do on this website.


What do we do?  

  • Raffinerie Tirlemontoise creates, produces, packs and sells sugar, sugar specialities and food products made from raw materials of vegetable origin.
  • Raffinerie Tirlemontoise creates added value for its clients, shareholders and suppliers. How? By ensuring outstanding profitability, growth and continuity.

What do we want?  

We want to take our responsibilities to ensure the future of our company, our products and our environment.


How do we work?

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise applies four operational values.  Who are we and what are we striving for? That’s what these values express. They act as a familiar beacon in difficult times. We align our goals and our policy to these values. They guarantee continuity and they form the identity of our group – and they do this even beyond the realm of our different activities.


ExcellenceExcellence is a priority: our clients, staff, suppliers and shareholders deserve the very best.




RespectRespect and trust: this forms an essential aspect of our success in the eyes of our clients, staff, suppliers and shareholders.




ChangeThe courage to look in the mirror and change: changes, either radical or gradual, are the driving force behind success. This is why we do not rest on our laurels and why we constantly hold our policy up to the light, questioning it. Because it is by improving our products and services and introducing new work methods that we earn the respect of our staff and our clients.


InitiativeTaking initiatives: we encourage everyone to give the best of themselves in a constantly and rapidly changing world. This means having an open mind and creating a stimulating and creative working environment. Excellent examples of this mindset are our staff who go out and grab new sales opportunities in new fields and markets.