Hilde Goffart, Purchasing Assistant

Hilde Goffaert, Purchase Assistant @ Tiense Suikerraffinaderij

When did your adventure start at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise?

At the end of 2012, I came across a job posting for a Purchasing Assistant at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. I couldn’t believe my luck - from the job content to the location, the position ticked every single item on my wishlist. Naturally, I sent off my CV immediately to apply for the job. Shortly thereafter, on 11 February 2013, I started my first day at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. If ever you need help with the administrative side of Purchasing, I’m the one you should call.


What does your working day look like?

I’m a morning person by nature, so I’m in the office every day by 7:30 AM. As no two days are ever alike, I like to ease into things when it’s still fairly quiet around the office. The first thing I do is grab a cup of coffee and then go through my e-mail. As I’m in constant contact with my colleagues in Tirlemont and other company branches as well as with our suppliers, there’s a lot of variety in my work and I enjoy the different challenges that are thrown in my direction. There’s literally never a dull moment. I don’t really have a regular daily routine at work. A few things do have to be scheduled in so that they happen when they need to, but I honestly never know what’s going to come my way from one day to the next. My plans can change at a moment’s notice.


How would you describe the atmosphere at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise?

Work environment is a very important factor for me. It not only influences people’s moods and attitudes on the job, but also helps sustain and enhance the productivity of the organisation as a whole. Whether you’re a team leader or team member, everyone plays a role in contributing to their work environment. Fortunately for me, the work environment in our department is filled with positivity and enjoyment.


How do you feel about your job and life at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise?

I truly believe that we all have our own intrinsic motivation that drives us and keeps us on our toes. I also believe that, in working together effectively, the joy of the task becomes its own reward. I’m a friendly, outgoing person who generally gets on well with everyone. I’m also a big-hearted softie who likes to help others out whenever I can. At RT, we work hard, we support each other and we laugh a lot. It's a great work environment that’s fun, rewarding and gratifying.


Which is your favourite sugar of Tirlemont?

That’s an easy one - brown candy sugar. It’s my family’s daily guilty pleasure. Every morning, my husband has a hot bowl of oatmeal topped with a generous sprinkling of brown candy sugar. As for me, I stir it into desserts such as rice custard and pudding for extra sweet goodness. I highly recommend it!