Own emergency response teams for a safe working environment

At Raffinerie Tirlemontoise, safety is a major priority. We work towards a safe working environment with all of our employees, every day. But given that danger often lurks just around the corner, we must always be prepared for a possible incident. This is why we have our own emergency response teams at the sugar factories in both Wanze and Tienen/Tirlemont. 

What is the emergency response team’s main task?

To provide first aid. If an incident occurs, like a fire or a hazardous product leak, the emergency response team must solve this problem or try to prevent it from spreading. For example, they ensure that the employees are evacuated, the hazard zones are secured, and if necessary, they will lead the fire brigade to the site of the incident. Naturally, our emergency response teams have the necessary emergency equipment for this task, including fire extinguishers, fire hoses, oxygen tanks and masks, etc. 

Who is on the emergency response team?

Our emergency response teams are made up of motivated colleagues who have accepted this position in addition to their daily tasks. There are approximately 15 people on the Tienen team and 46 people on the Wanze team so that someone is always at the ready. 

The employees are trained before they can join the emergency response team. The Tienen/Tirlemont colleagues follow an annual training programme in a specialised school, such as the PIVO firefighting school in Asse. This training programme always consists of a theory course followed by practical exercises. The Wanze colleagues follow a biennial training programme, supplemented with practical exercises held on-site throughout the year.

As you can read here, safety is of paramount importance at Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. We continue to invest in it daily so that our employees can continue to work in a safe environment.